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Giving back to the community

Whenever you live in Cabo, you will be so happy to live in such a wonderfull and peaceful place that you will want to give something back to the comunity.

To start, there is a big campaign about Recycling here in Cabo. It is called YO RECICLO and they invite you and your neighbords to bring your paper, glass, plastic, domestic oil and more to the centers where they actually will send these materials to recycle.

Also, there are many activities to do in Cabo, helping Civil Organizations such as:

Los Cabos Children Foundation

Provide medical, educational and humanitarian assistance to the children, their families and supportive organizations of the Los Cabos area.

Santa Josefina Blood Bank

They are dedicated to the service of people, physicians and medical facilities both public and privat in the State of Baja California Sur supplying blood and its derivatives to all in need.

Humane Society

They are dedicated to providing the community with animal control services and creating an enviroment free of homeless dogs and cats.

They actually promote the humane treatment of domestic animals through education, pet population control, rescue and adoption.