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Pet Care


What is Needed to Bring Your Pet to Los Cabos?
The only thing you need to bring your hairy Best friend to Mexico is a little bit of paperwork from your vet at home:
1. A vaccination certificate stating that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies, hepatitis, pip and leptospirosis.
2. An official health certificate that must be issued by a veterinarian no more than 72 hours before entering Mexico.
You may enter the country with up to two large pets (dogs or cats). If you want to enter the country with any more than two pets you would need permission, which could be obtained from the Mexican consulate nearest you. In any case, it would be a good idea to go to a Mexican consulate ahead of your trip and inform them of your plans. You will be relieved to know that there is no quarantine period required for bringing a pet into Mexico. You must note that airlines have certain restrictions on pet weight and pet size, as well as on pet containers.
Buying a House for You and Your Pet
Owning a Before buying an apartment or a house, let us know if you are planning to bring your pet to live with you so we can make sure whether pets are prohibited or not in teh community you are planning to buy.Many apartments in Mexico either prohibit certain types of pets or set stringent restrictions on the sise and weight of teh pet - specially where dogs are concerned. Restrictions can also apply to cats.
Owning a pet need not be too much of a hassle in Mexico. Household help is easy to come by, and thus domestic helpers can see to much of the pet's needs. There are many places where you can walk with your dog and the must popular one is the Marina, but definitely our favorite is the beach, in most Cabo beaches dogs are welcome. On another note, a dog can also provide excellent home security, often just by its mere presence.
Airline Travel with Pets
Airline Travel with a Pet as Baggage
Most airlines have the regulations for transporting pets on their web site. If not apparent, check under frequently asked questions. The following advice comes from a major airline:
  • Do not tranquilize.
  • In the summer, make sure the crate has plenty of ventilation.
  • Do not put food or water in the crate. Tape a small envelope of dry food to top of crate.Also tape on a leash.
  • Put 2 small plastic dishes in the crate for water and food at stopovers.
  • For cats, do not put kitty litter in crate. Shred lots of newspaper instead.
  • When making a connection to a different carrier you MUST claim pet, recheck with 2nd carrier, and pay another excess baggage charge.
  • Put something like a bright colored yarn pom-pom on crate for easy recognition from a distance.
  • Ask the airline if the aircraft is jet or prop. If flying by prop, the airline may refuse to transport in extreme weather.
  • Tape a note on the top of the crate stating destination, a contact name and phone number, last time pet was fed, details of any medication pet may be on, and when last dosed:

My name is______. I'm going to be picked up in_____ by ________ at phone no_________. I was last fed at __________. My medication is_______. I was last dosed at_______. 

Airline Pet Carriers/Crates

What the Airlines require:
A kennel - must be tall enough so the dog can sit or stand without ducking - must be long enough for the dog to be in the "down" position - must be twice as wide as the dog's shoulders - must be airline approved (durably built) - must have separate water and food dishes attached to door - must be well ventilated - must have absorbent bedding (newspaper, blanket, etc.) All this isn't too difficult for smaller dogs, but your choices are very limited with larger dogs
  1. A health certificate - Issued by licensed vet no more than 10 days before the flight.
  2. Reasonable weather - I was told they wouldn't carry the animal if the temperature was less than 32 degrees or more than 85 degrees.
  3. Cost - This varies depending on who ships and how the dog travels when outfitting the crate for travel, be sure it contains all of the following features:
  • The words LIVE ANIMALS in 1 inch high letters visible on the top of the crate and at least one side.
  • Name, address and telephone number of animal's destination on the top of the crate.
  • Security latched (not locked) doors.
  • Two dishes - one for food and one for water - that are easily accessible to airline personnel.
  • Absorbent lining, such as towels or puppy pads.
  • Arrows or other markings to indicate the top of the crate.
  • Handles or grips for secure transport.
  • Well-ventilated, with exterior rims or knobs to prevent blocked airflow.
Please refer to your travel airline for more information.

Who can I leave my dog or cat with in Cabo if I have to travel?
Now pet lovers do not have to worry anymore about this issue, there is a great American Style Pet Resort in San José del Cabo near the airport, where the rates are affordable and they provide excellent care for your friend please check their web page at http://www.cabokennels.com/about.html
Talking about Veterinarians in Los Cabos
Let us give you a small directory for veterinarians and pet stores in Cabo:
(624) 17 2 0110
     Cel.(624) 12 5 9434/ (624) 12 2 33 99


(624) 14 3 73 45
(624) 10 0 63 37


(624) 14 3 13 70