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Portus Boat Club

 The purpose of Portus Boat Club is to provide an exclusive Boating and cruising enviroment for the benefits of its members. Our efforts are to satisfy diverse social and recreational member’s needs and to provide a convenient boating alternative to Ventanas Owners so they can spend their time entertaining and cruising with friends or family.

Owning a boat should be a joy, but boat management usually gets in the way and instead you have a boat headache. Problems with crew, getting a berth, or just making sure the right provisions and the right fuel are on board can become major hassles. Most boat owners end up working for their boat year round, but only enjoy a few weeks a year on the water.
As a owner of Ventanas Residences you own a boat suited to arrange trips to go fishing and catch one of the more of eight hundred types of fish in the waters of Cabo. You can also plan a scuba diving or snorkeling trip to adventure to El Arco the best dive side with its rocky points off the coast and beaches like Santa María or Chileno bay offers great Snorkeling experiences or you can simply go out and cruise over the Cabo San Lucas Bay to enjoy a breathtaking sunset while having a peaceful and relaxing dinner on board.